Friday, 20 November 2009


Now that Billy has retired early i have decided to make use of all the spare time he has lol.
I have always wanted the garage which is seperate from the house turned into a little garden room,where i can make a cup of tea when gardening,do some sewing and do all my washing and ironing .
So work is progressing at a great pace,in fact he hasent stopped working on it from september.
Went to auction and got windows cheap,dad has given us two of his old doors also bought lights from the auction too.
Our old multi fuel burner is out there and flue all up and working.
Plaster boarding done,now that all sounds great dosent it but this is amidst all the rubbish that is still in there ready to be sorted dumped or recycled into something else.
The garage door is going to be split and a roof made out of it for my shed as i love to hear the rain fall on a tinny style roof.
Waste not want not is my motto
So here is photos of work in progress, i really wish they were the finished ones but this will take a little bit more time.

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