Saturday, 17 April 2010


We went to Madrid at the start of April for Rebeccas 21st Birthday.
She turns 21 at the end of April but as she will be back at uni we decided to go while she was at home.
We did have a lovely time despite the pickpockets who stole Rebeccas friends bag with i think everything in it apart from the kitchen sink.
We did tell her to leave all important things in hotel safe but alas she carried her passport with her and ipod purse ,all her university stuff and it was all gone.
We then had to spend hours in police station .british embassy etc and had to pay 106 euros for one emergency passport valid only for one journey .
Then her mum had to buy her a new ten year one so that she could travel back to uni.
Although Madrid is a beautiful city you have to keep your wits about you.
My handbag was slashed open.nothing taken thank goodness my rucksack was slashed open they tried to pickpocket Billy by surrounding us on the metro .
Very scary moments for us all as i nearly dident get off metro as they had barred my way i had to duck under them to get ofBut at least we are all home safe and that is the main thing.
Off to work now and will post pictures later

Saturday, 19 December 2009


A lamp with shade for £4.00 and a little candle holder for £1.50 ,a bit more than i usually pay but they are the right colours to match my plates for the shelves that i am going to fill up with all my charity shop finds.

Thursday, 17 December 2009



We were looking for a cooker for the garage that Billy is doing up at the moment.
I wanted an old fashioned one but did not want to pay too much after all its only for heating up soup and such when we are gardening.
Billy went to our local auction rooms and got this for £15 bargain ,not the best of pictures as billy has cluttered up in front of it,but it isint wired up yet so i will take better photo then.


Sunday, 22 November 2009


Billy has put me up shelves in the garage so found these to display on them and use of course for my cuppa when gardening in summer.
I hopefully will find cups and saucers to match in with them and create a nice little display with them
this little lot cost me 1.10pence bargain .


The front of the garage is now all finished in pvc and the barn door that my dad has given us is up.
I love this barn door as the top opens and you can keep the bottom closed.
It now needs a sand ,undercoat and a top coat of paint.
Not sure which colour to choosei am thinking maybe Pillar Box Red and then all the handles etc black

Friday, 20 November 2009


Now that Billy has retired early i have decided to make use of all the spare time he has lol.
I have always wanted the garage which is seperate from the house turned into a little garden room,where i can make a cup of tea when gardening,do some sewing and do all my washing and ironing .
So work is progressing at a great pace,in fact he hasent stopped working on it from september.
Went to auction and got windows cheap,dad has given us two of his old doors also bought lights from the auction too.
Our old multi fuel burner is out there and flue all up and working.
Plaster boarding done,now that all sounds great dosent it but this is amidst all the rubbish that is still in there ready to be sorted dumped or recycled into something else.
The garage door is going to be split and a roof made out of it for my shed as i love to hear the rain fall on a tinny style roof.
Waste not want not is my motto
So here is photos of work in progress, i really wish they were the finished ones but this will take a little bit more time.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Yesterday i decided to bake a christmas cake.
I have only made one cake before and that was about ten years ago.
TA DA here is the result .
All i have to do now is add more sherry each week then decorate it.
I am not good at icing so hope that goes well ,will post pictures of decorated cake when done.

Friday, 30 October 2009


A few thrifty finds from my afternoon charity shop job I do on a friday.

I also got two whit muslim panel curtains for my bedroom window
A book to read and a white double sheet for the house in France ,all for the grand total of £5.75.

Beginners cushions

I am decorating my bedroom at the moment,lots to do .
I am going to shabby chic all the bedroom furniture .
Paint shelves and i have bought nice crisp white bedlinen,ignore the brown cover only put on while painting.
Soooo i have made new cushions for my bed cant believe they turned out okay.
The large white ones are bought ,i am not that good lol.
And the cows have came o visit in the field beside our house.
Woop Woop I hope they eat all the nettles at the side of our garden.
Save me going the length of the field to strim them lol
The view is from Rebeccas bedroom window